I'll admit that I'm slightly obsessed with zoomooz.js, it's a cross-browser (excluding IE) nice zoom plugin for jQuery. And although it has some issues with scrolling it's a top-notch plugin in my books. To showcase it's greatness I made a mock-up of a picture gallery*:

*if any of the pictures are yours let me know and I'll acknowledge you here.

The polaroid effect is CSS based, with a bit of javascript to fit the pictures. The random distribution uses CSS3 transforms (random rotation with a slight translation). ZooMooz.js then does the rest!

Geek Bootnote: The page uses @font-face and html5 data attributes to keep track of the ordering, the juicy javascript can be found here (script.js)

Update: A good intro on Zoomooz.js can be found here.


The Anatomy of a Spam Scam

Note: I'll be updating this as I go

Got some blatantly rubbish spam the other day:

From: XXX@ifsertao-pe.edu.br
Date: 14 March 2011 11:54
Subject: Notification

You Have Won The EuroMillions Lottery
Contact: Edward Louis via Email: euro-millions16@live.com


How little effort! (The X's being added by me to give the guy with the hacked account some privacy). So I decided to reply.


Interactive Ray Optics

Here's the ray optics demonstration I made during my PhD. It models ray-surface interactions in javascript... and that's pretty much it! But it's still quite a fun way to waste 5 mins. Any modern browser should be able to run it*.

Ray Optics Demo* i.e. not IE