I'll admit that I'm slightly obsessed with zoomooz.js, it's a cross-browser (excluding IE) nice zoom plugin for jQuery. And although it has some issues with scrolling it's a top-notch plugin in my books. To showcase it's greatness I made a mock-up of a picture gallery*:

*if any of the pictures are yours let me know and I'll acknowledge you here.

The polaroid effect is CSS based, with a bit of javascript to fit the pictures. The random distribution uses CSS3 transforms (random rotation with a slight translation). ZooMooz.js then does the rest!

Geek Bootnote: The page uses @font-face and html5 data attributes to keep track of the ordering, the juicy javascript can be found here (script.js)

Update: A good intro on Zoomooz.js can be found here.

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    • Himanshu

      Please tell me how to add this in blogger

      • http://philingrey.com Phil Ingrey

        Hi Himanshu,
        I’m glad you like the gallery, but I’m not sure you’re going to be able to add it directly into blogger. You might have a bit of success by making a blogger widget, but as I’ve never used blogger, I’m probably not the best person to help.

    • Patrick

      Could you post information on how to hack a “fixed” navigation for zoomooz. You made the arrowcontrols fixed while navigating to each image, is this only possible with javascript?

      • http://hacks.philingrey.com Phil I


        The actual positioning of the arrows is done by CSS not javascript. The important part of the HTML looks like this:

        Then Zoomooz is ‘bound’ to the container div (i.e. all the zooming is contained within the container div). This means the arrows are left alone and can be positioned relative to (i.e. your browser window in this case).

        The ‘popping out’ effect and actually calling zoomooz when you click the arrow is done by javascript.

        Sorry if I’ve not explained myself well, it’s a bit hard to fit in a comment! But if you would like it explained more thoroughly leave a comment below and I’ll do a more detailed blog post.

        • http://hacks.philingrey.com Phil I

          Ah! I really need to change it so it’s easier to put code in comments!!!

          The HTML look like this:
          <div id=”container”>(all the pictures go here)</div>
          <div id=”leftarrow”></div>
          <div id=”rightarrow”></div>

    • Patrick


      • http://hacks.philingrey.com Phil I

        Not a problem Patrick,

        I’m trying to make this blog more question lead so if you come across something on the web you’d like explaining leave a comment or contact me on twitter