DeltaImg: resolution and bandwidth responsive images


A resolution and bandwidth responsive image system is shown. All img tags start pointing to the low res image versions, then javascript downloads (in the background) difference files to upgrade the low resolution images into a high resolution images, and as such doesn't waste http requests or any data... oh and there are some fun kitten demos as well. All files can be found at github.com/pci/deltaimg.


Responsive images are one of those current "cutting-edge" web topics - developers would like to do something but the specs don't (yet) allow it.

The basic idea is this - you want to serve agile small image to your mobile viewer, whilst serving crisp high-quality images to viewers with lots of pixels (think new iPad). Then there's also the bandwidth problem - users with a crummy connection would probably rather get a crummy, but usable, image that have to wait an age to see the whole page.

This is my attempt at helping with the problem.